The kitesurf Spot - Paje beach in Zanzibar

Paje beach is the best place where to learn kitesurf in Zanzibar and one of the best in the world


It offers ideal conditions to learn kiteboarding or improve your riding skills
 Steady, side-on-shore wind and flat and shallow water inside the reef make the spot ideal for both beginners and advanced riders
 The lagoon is based on tide and every day for many hours is shallow and flat,
 this lagoon is 1,2 km wide and more than 5 km long.
 The bottom is completely sandy and safe
 On the reef you will find waves of different shape and dimensions. Both depend on the tide.

 Waves here are very easy for learning waveriding
 Air and water temperature are around 25 degrees all year round, so you will need only boardshorts and a lycra as sun protection. NO WETSUIT needed


Turquoise crystal clear and warm water make this paradise beach the perfect place also for non kiter and for kids

The kitecentre is located in a not crowded area, so whatever is your level, from beginner practicing the water start to advanced rider tryingnew tricks you will always find your space and never get worried for other kiters or obstacle in the water


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