Kitesurf course

Come to learn Kitesurf in a Professional school:               Kite Dream Zanzibar

Kite Dream Zanzibar school course is based on the IKO system,
 so you will learn to kitesurf in the best, easiest and safest way


iko level 1: Beginner (4 hours - 1 day)                        160 euro


discover how to setup and fly a kite


iko level 2: Intermediate (4 hours - 1 day)                  160 euro


learn how to control a full power kite and

how to ride on the board


iko level 1 + level 2 (8 hours - 2 days)                        300 euro


realize your dream, become a kiteboarder 



iko level 3: Advanced (1 hour)                                       55 euro


 push up your skills


Update (4 hours - 1 day)                                               160 euro


you are looking for a refresher?

you had a course in another school,

but you don't ride yet?


Private lesson (1 hour)   55 euro 









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